Despite all the difficulty of the economic and political situation, imperfect legislative regulation, the real estate and construction market continues to evolve and remains one of the most promising areas in Ukraine.

Reforms in the town planning legislation and the system of state registration of rights to real estate, which are carried out within the framework of the overall power decentralization process, like any innovation in its infancy, have both positive and negative aspects to be improved.

Given the innovations introduced, the specifics of the relationship in the sphere, their complexity and interdisciplinary nature, which manifests itself in the need of taking into account the provisions of the regulatory framework of several related fields of law (in particular, land, tax, civil, economic, administrative, etc.), the problem of complex analysis of legal security of real estate transactions becomes increasingly urgent at the legal services market.

With considerable experience in each of these branches of the law and practical skills in supporting various procedures in the field of town planning and real estate (from obtaining the necessary permits and approvals for the construction phase and up to the accepting complete construction projects into operation, together with the registration of the relevant rights), our experienced specialists provide competent legal advice and find the most appropriate solutions to problematic issues of any complexity.