Antika Law Firm has entered the ranking Market leaders: ranking of Ukrainian legal companies 2017 second year in a row

On December 6, 2017 Yurydychna Gazeta Newspaper has launched a new ranking research – Market leaders: ranking of Ukrainian legal companies 2017. This ranking is unique because it cover the entire market and all companies that filled application of a participant out are presented in it.

Like last year, 2 rankings were formed through the analysis of the questionnaire results:

  • Market Leaders – ranking of legal companies 2017, which includes 50 companies;
  • Practice Leaders – a study on specific areas of legal practice, where in each of the suggested practices to 15 the best representatives of the legal business were defined.

Antika Law Firm took 33th place in the Market Leaders ranking. In the Practice Leaders ranking it took place in Energy and Natural Resources (7h place) and Antitrust (Competition) Law (7th place).