Litigating starts making financial sense


Attorneys of Antika Law Firm not only win cases for their clients, but also return the costs of legal assistance to them.

Thus, the attorneys of Antika Law Firm helped the insurance company win a case in which the plaintiff, another well-known insurer, unjustly paid insurance indemnity to its client for the lost goods and tried to compensate for this amount at the expense of the insurance company that insured the carrier’s liability.

Thanks to properly formulated evidence and a correctly chosen legal position, the attortheys of Antika Law Firm managed to achieve refusal to satisfy the claims under the lawsuit and recover the costs of legal assistance from the opponent in favor of the client of the firm.The  team of lawyers of Antika Law Firm, consisting of partners Alexey Kot and Maxim Korchagin, as well as senior associate Mykhailo Voitsekhovskyi, worked on the project.