Television, the Internet, online sales, electronic money – all this is gaining more and more influence on business relationships in recent times. Today there is a global transfer of the social and economic activity into the virtual space, based on telecommunications.

It is worth mentioning that the current legislation of Ukraine in a number of aspects is “lagging behind” on the dynamics of changes in the development of information society in Ukraine and in the world. Therefore, many elements exist outside the legal framework and are not governed by any regulations, which hinder the full development of the telecommunications sector. A significant part of the laws and regulations is still lacking, development and approval of which is required by current legislation. Therefore, legal support has recently acquired great importance at the telecommunications market. First of all, legal support of transactions, regulatory issues handling, and representing clients in court.

Our lawyers have considerable experience in providing legal services to the telecommunication and IT companies, as well as the companies that provide development of the information infrastructure.

In particular:

  • complex legal support for the establishment of a telecommunication company in Ukraine and its daily operations;
  • carrying out complex legal due diligence of the company, which occupies a leading position at the market of construction, sales and maintenance of fibre optic communication lines;
  • advising on the implementation of a purchase and sales transaction at the telecommunication market, the development of schemes for optimization of the transaction with regard to the requirements of the antimonopoly legislation of Ukraine;
  • on behalf of an international law firm, carrying out a legal due diligence of one of the leaders of the Ukrainian telecommunications market while it is being purchased by the large foreign telecommunications company, as well as legal support of procedures for obtaining permission of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • consulting IT-companies on corporate and labour law issues.