Ukraine, despite the significant number of problems in economics and law, is trying to create the conditions for business development in the IT sector. Internet every day becomes more powerful way to deliver content and an important platform for advertising. Therefore, lawyers should be aware of not only the problems of IT technology in understanding the dissemination of information on the Web, but also aspects of advertising on websites, the issue of copyright infringement on the Internet and so on.

Poor Ukrainian legislation requires considerable effort to create an effective legal business model. That is why all lawyers with experience in IT, is now trying to contribute to the development of bills to legalize online platforms, setting copyright data, posted online.

However, given the gradual liberalization of legislation on sales of virtual currencies and regulating online sales, lawyers face the issue of protection of clients not only in terms of IT regulations, but also many related industries, such as financial monitoring and control in transactions via the Internet, ensuring consumers’ rights in the field of online retailers and others.

A large number of IT-related technology sectors require an integrated approach of lawyers and deep analysis of all areas of regulation. Otherwise, the launch of new projects or development of existing ones will generate additional unforeseen risks for the clients.