Automotive industry is an important sector of the economy of developed countries, and in terms of investment has in recent years acquired great importance in Ukraine as well. Prospects for the development of this business sphere in our country are related to the rather high level of logistic accessibility, wide transport infrastructure and the second rank among the CIS countries as for the number of cars sold. Relatively low taxes and production costs also create the conditions for business development in this area.

The domestic automotive industry has a number of attractive features for business, but the problems and risks in the sector should also be taken into consideration. They may be caused by both the peculiarities of the entrepreneurs’ work in the face of international competition, and the market instability, provoked, in particular, by changes in the law.

A high-quality legal business support provided by our associates to the companies operating in the automotive industry is aimed primarily at reducing the risks in the work of these companies, avoiding possible negative effects of changes in the legal field, and generally creates more secure environment for the development under any market fluctuations.