Antika Law Firm defended interests of IC “Persha” in court


Team of Antika Law Firm successfully defended interests of insurance company “Persha” in a dispute on the recovery of funds by subrogation.

The claimant in this case is another well-known insurer who unjustifiably paid insurance indemnity to his client for the lost goods and tried to compensate for this amount at the expense of IC “Persha”, which insured the carrier’s liability

Thanks to the meticulous work with evidence, a properly chosen defense strategy, clear legal position and effective judicial representation, the firm’s lawyers proved the claimant’s claims to be unfounded, and therefore the court refused to satisfy the claim in full.

The team of lawyers of Antika, consisting of partners Alexey Kot and Maxim Korchagin, as well as senior associate Mikhail Voitsekhovskyi, worked on the project.