Antika has raised to 25th position in the ranking “50 Leading Law Firms in Ukraine”


Antika Law Firm has raised to 25 position in the ranking “50 Leading Law Firms in Ukraine”.

Besides this, the firm has entered TOP-10 best in the area of energy industry and natural resources.

In addition, the firm is named among the leading law firms in such areas as litigation and competition law.

The lawyers of Antika are marked in the list of leading lawyers of the country. They have been highly ranked in the following practices:  energy industry, competition law – Managing Partner of  Antika Law Firm, Doctor of Law Alexey Kot, Litigation –  Partner Andrey Kuznetsov.

 «Our success in various practices is, primarily the achievement of a team that works in a coordinated and on a professional level that handles the most difficult tasks.  It is also a recognition and trust of our clients and partners, colleagues in the market of legal consulting. Movement forward is always a challenge, which motivates to develop, set and achieve more ambitious goals” – Managing Partner of  Antika Law Firm, Doctor of Law Alexey Kot mentioned.

The research of “50 leading law firms in Ukraine” is conducted by “Yurydychna praktyka” since 1997. Its main feature is the versatile assessment of the number of law firms on both quantitative and qualitative indicators: the number of lawyers, profit for 12 months, the complexity of transactions and litigation that are supported by the firm, financial efficiency. Attention is also paid to the reputation of the firm and its lawyers in the professional community.


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