Antika Law Firm defended the interests of IC Persha in the court of first instance

The team of Antika Law Firm successfully represented the interests of the Insurance company Persha in the Kyiv Commercial Court in a dispute over the collection of insurance payments, sanctions and other payments.

The plaintiff in the case tried to recover from the insurance company cash for an insured event, which allegedly took place during the transportation of the goods belonging to the plaintiff. Due to the diligent work on evidence, the correct legal position and effective legal representation of the firm’s lawyers, the Court confirmed the   unreasonableness of the plaintiff’s claim  and refused to satisfy the claim to the insurance company.

The team of the lawyers of Antika Law Firm composed of managing partner, Dr. Alexey Kot, partner, PhD. Maxim Korchagin and lawyer Mikhail Voitsekhovskyi worked on the project.